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The Ellis County Observer
THE EASIEST, cheapest way to expose “judicial
terrorism” in Montgomery County -- or
really, any county -- is fairly simple: file an open
records request [see sample on Page 3] with
the particular court or the District Clerk’s office
and obtain the “wheel” of court appointed lawyers
and their monthly or annual incomes.
Court-appointed lawyers derive their incomes
from tax dollars, so every dime is public
For those wanting Judge Tracy Gilbert’s
court-appointment list, ask for his court
list for say, the past three fiscal
The court-appointment wheel (or list) will
and should have lawyers, guardian ad litems,
counselors, social workers and generally, any
officer or expert of the court that is appointed
by the judge on a particular case.
If you want the “wheel” of the court-appointed
lawyers for just the probate courts,
ask specifically for the most recent fiscal year
available for
the court, and how much in weekly, monthly or
yearly income”
“all appointed lawyers, officers ofthey made in that specified
Montgomery County has civil and criminal
courts. The odds of a cabal of lawyers making
tons of money in one particular venue
are very good.
In Ellis County,
The Ellis County Observer
published an article titled “Lawyers at the
Trough.” I posted this court-appointment list
article for the 40th District Court and the Ellis
County Court at Law No. 1, and the results
were huge: for the first time ever, taxpay
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50 Cents
Vol. 1, Issue 3
Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness 50 Cents
Court-Appointment Lists
The family law courts being
discussed in this case involve
the 359th District Court (Judge
Kathleen Hamilton/Anderson
case) and the 418th District Court
(Judge Tracy A. Gilbert/Nick
Morton case.)
The Ellis County Observer
CONROE — It’s not just
who you know, but who you
Jennie Morton is
Judge Tracy Gilbert Wages
War Against Mom in 2 Cases
Jennie Morton with sons Aiden and Hunter
finding that out the hard way.
The mother of three,
Morton, 37, has been led
before family law court
judges in Montgomery
County in a legal war being
fought on two fronts involving
two of her three children:
Aiden (from ex-
Tommy) and Hunter (fromNick Morton.)
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Pedophile Granted Custody
of Little Girls Who Aren’t His
The Ellis County Observer
CONROE -- A child molester who is
not even the biological father of
granted full custody by Montgomery
County 418th District
despite filing court records
that he was not the father.
Deathridge, who
informed Montgomery
County officials before taking her two
daughters to New Mexico last year, was
subsequently arrested when Gilbert
signed an arrest warrant on kidnapping
That arrest followed Deathridge’s
motions to non-suit the attempts to
have her two daughters adopted by a
man not even their father. Deathridge
is divorced with the girls’ father, but she
said he is not in their lives.
Due to
Stephanies two daughters wasTracy A. Gilbert,The Ellis County Observer
unable to contact the man for
comment, his name will not
be used.
But, the man attempted
to get custody of the two
girls, and filed a motion in
Gilbert’s court to obtain them.
Deathridge’s motion for non-suit
was due to the fact she did not live in
Montgomery County; she attempted
to get the matter moved to the county
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Trish Shafer Won’t Stop Fighting
Lawyers at the Trough
The Ellis County Observer
target on Trish Shafer’s back has
been evident since her uncle was
murdered by sheriff deputies in the
county jail.
The wrongful death and
excessive force lawsuit thrown out
of court, Shafer continues to fight
what she calls a corrupt and evil
Part of that fight centers on
a high-priced custody battle that
saw Shafer’s two children, ages
8 and 5, given to her ex-husband
after he used a protective order as
a pretext against her to deceive
the family courts into severely
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Really Shut Down? Page 5
she lived in, but after informing Montgomery
County that she was taking her
daughters to New Mexico, Gilbert held
an emergency hearing and awarded custody
of the two girls to this man.
Deathridge, who served three months
in jail, told
The Ellis County Observer
that this man knows her family, and even
filed court documents stating he was not
the biological father, but was awarded
custody anyway.
The man and his son are child molesters,
Deathridge said in a phone interview,
citing prior and current cases they
were involved with.
Deathridge contacted CPS in Montgomery
County about the child molestation,
but a case worker said there was no
case on file, and when the CPS official
gave Deathridge her name, it was later
learned that no one with that name
worked in for CPS. So, Deathridge gave
the head supervisor at Montgomery
County CPS a criminal case number
involving the molestation allegations and
was told there was an active investigation
but no reason was given why the man
still had custody of her children.
If the Deathridge case sounds bizarre,
it’s not uncommon.
In Ellis County,
Destiny Briggs’
Pedophile Granted
Custody Cont’d...
“Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness.” Ephesians 5:11
The Ellis County Observer
HOUSTON -- Amy Charron said she didn’t like getting drugged from her stepdad,
a dentist. She didn’t like the sexual advances from him either. However, after
she reported the alleged abuse, her mother and stepdad, appointed by Gov. Rick
Perry to the state’s dental board, called her delusional. Crazy. Psychotic.
Child Protective Services became involved and snatched Amy’s daughter.
Other patients of Gary Wayne McDonald began flooding Charron with
phone calls and e-mails describing the alleged abuse they had undergone in
McDonald’s dental chair.
After CPS became involved, all hell broke loose and Amy Charron found
herself warring against one of the biggest powers and principalities in the world:
the State of Texas.
“Can you imagine we live in a world where an abusive family that harmed
you and your child (evidence based) can steal buy your child and steal your
life,” Amy asked. “I must file something again but remember despite proof that
I was set up by their lies and evil and that they got away with felonies the courts
ignored me even the Supreme Court...”
Charron is not even allowed contact with her daughter Markel, who she has
not seen in years. She tells her horror story to anyone who will listen, often at great
Her Stepdad Drugged Her, Gov. Rick Perry Put
Him on the State Dental Board and Then Amy
Charron Lost Custody of Her Daughter
Clockwise From Left: Amy Charron; Gov. Perry; Anita McDonald; Gary
Wayne McDonald; Amy and little Markel
The Ellis County Observer
Increasingly, courts, lawyers,
“experts” and counselors are
citing the discredited Parental
Alienation Syndrome (P.A.S.)
in court proceedings, especially
those involving family-law and
custody matters. Richard Gardner,
who coined the phrase, was
sympathetic to pedophiles. Be on
guard if you ever hear of local
courts citing Gardner and PAS.
PAS was created by Richard
Gardner in 1985 based solely on
his personal observation, not at
all on scientific study. Prior to his
suicide, Gardner was an un-paid
part-time clinical professor of
child psychiatry at the College
of Physicians and Surgeons at
Columbia University. He was
also the author of several books
on the subject of sexual abuse
“hysteria” and pedophilia. Here are
some of his thoughts:
Abused Children] may have
considered themselves fortunate
to have had a parent who provides
them with such gratification.” [
Parental Alienation Syndrome
and the Differentiation Between
Fabricates and Genuine Child Abuse,
P. 145]
sexually abused child is generally
The“At the present time, the
considered to be the victim. I believe
that there are situations in which the
sexually abused child has been the
initiator…Many believe that young
children do not have strong urges
and that they are therefore unlikely
to be initiators in any kind of sexual
encounter with an adult. This
assumption is not necessary valid.
I have seen many children whom I
would consider completely normal
who developed strong sexual urges
during the first few years of life.”
the Differentiation Between Fabricates
and Genuine Child Sex Abuse
(1987)]. He also goes on to call children
“wicked” and writes “
the degree of sadism that many of these
The Parental Alienation Syndrome and, P. 165what is striking is
children may exhibit. In many of these
cases I have been impressed by what I
consider to be the innate cruelty of these
Child Sex Abuse, Pgs. 119-120 (1992)].
As a victim of child molestation,
I can testify to tell the courts how
incredibly harmful and evil the
allowance of the PAS “theory” in child
sex abuse cases is.
When the courts say that it is “in the
best interest of the child” to be placed
in the full time care of abusers, it is the
court’s way of justifying placing an
innocent child with a pedophile.
[True and False Allegations of
The Amy Charron Case
babysitter filed a motion for temporary
custody pending adoption
for her daughter, though no parental
rights were terminated.
The babysitter used her friends
in Child Protective Services to cite
Briggs on child neglect, though
she was babysitting one night
while Briggs went to work.
After an Ellis County judge
bypassed CPS’ attempt to block
transferring venues, a Tarrant
County district judge awarded
the babysitter custody, and then
forced Briggs to pay monthly
child support.
CPS Child-Trafficking Ring
State Sen.
Nancy Schaefer
of Georgia exposed how CPS
trafficked children, taking them
out of family homes and placing
kids with known pedophiles in
foster care.
When she found documents
that showed what CPS was specifically
looking for in children to take out of
homes, Schaefer ended up dead. Three
of her Republican colleagues in Georgia
also ended up dead, including state
to abolish CPS in that state.
The Deathridge case mirrors that
of many Schaefer and Franklin were
investigating -- and later died -- exposing.
Could it really be happening in
Bobby Franklin, who led an effort
What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?
Date ___________________________
Dear Public Information Officer/Coordinator:
Under the Texas open records laws, I would like to request the following:
1) Copies (electronic preferred) of any and all identifying information
that would show, depict, chart, plot, and/or list all lawyers, counselors,
officers of the court, their names, firms and their weekly, monthly,
annual court-appointment pay from Fiscal Year ________ in the
[or add the court/district/judge of your choosing]
In other words, I request a list of the “indigent defense
wheel” (some counties have different names for it) for the aforementioned
court on the aforementioned fiscal year(s). Electronic methods
are preferred such as Excel, Word or PDF (Portable Document
Please contact me at 555-555-5555 or if
I need to pick up the documents. Because this information benefits
the general public interest, I would like to request a waiver o f all fees
for these documents.
Public Information
Act Request
ers and the public got to see lawyers and counselors making
six-figure salaries just in taxpayer-funded court appointments.
Those court appointments were made a major issue in the 2006
GOP primary for 40th District Court and again in the 2010 GOP
primary for Ellis County Court at Law No. 1. Knize won, but
Judge Wilhelm was ousted from office on that issue alone.
In one fiscal year, Jim Chapman, who ousted Wilhelm, cut the
court appointment gravy train and saved taxpayers $350,000,
When Montgomery County produces their court-appointment
lists to the public, watch the symbolic feces hit the fan.
Wilhelm’s Ellis County Court at Law No. 1 was simply involved in
a system that had been allowed to fester for years and years. Every
county works about the same. If one cannot afford a lawyer, one
will be appointed to a cost (to the taxpayer.) Many (not all!)
lawyers who do nothing but court appointments have no incentive
to fight for your rights.
The phrase, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is one used
commonly, and especially so in these court-appointment lists.
Also, another name for the court-appointment list is the “indigent
defense wheel.” Our Constitution provides for a right to a
speedy trial, the right to face our accusers and a right to “effective
assistance of counsel.” A lot of times, court-appointed lawyers
won’t or can’t put up a solid defense because they are “subsidized
If you’re making $60,000 or $80,000 (or, in Ellis County’s case,
$100,000 per year) in annual court appointments, why would you
rock the boat?
Knize, the disgraced 40th District Court judge from Ellis County,
would not accept court-appointment applications from the defense
attorneys before campaign finance reports were due in the 2006
primary because he wanted to see which of his appointed lawyers
were supporting him, and which ones, if any were supporting his
Every county has these lists. When the people get them and see
who’s on “the take,” understanding what happens in the courtroom
will become clearer. Judge Gilbert’s probably doling out hundreds
of thousands to his friends. And it’s all public record.
Court-Appointment Lists Cont’d From Page 1...
Morton’s the family line giving
Jennie the most headache. His
family is heavily involved in the
community, non-profits and civic
organizations, and has ties to
virtually every judge, politician and
police department in the county.
Anderson is originally from the
northeast Texas area (Longview),
comes from deep pockets and
creeped Jennie out with his
fetishses — three-somes (w/other
men), swinger clubs, etc.
While in the middle of a custody
battle with Tommy, Jennie met Nick
Morton, a persistent new next-door
Things were okay at first,
Jennie said, but quickly, Nick
Morton showed his aggressive
true colors. Jennie subsequently
ended up pregnant with Hunter,
now 3, but not before Nick
used his connections in law
enforcement, the courts and
Montgomery County politics
to prune her into spending
more than $190,000 over the
past three years fighting him in
court. Jennie has been in court
a total of six years fighting two
battles with two exes.
Aside from the constant
harassment, stalking and
verified doctor’s reports that
attest to Jennie’s worries and
fears that her ex (Nick) is
following her, no one listens in
Montgomery County.
State BAR Complaint
Jennie recently turned over
audio recordings of Morton
threatening to kill her numerous
times in a 500-document state
BAR complaint against
Kent Shriver andTracy Gilbert. Shriver
was paid more than $186,000
in five years and would not
get a protective order for her
against Morton, she said.
Morton’s complaints
against Montgomery County’s
most powerful public officials
have the feel of a giant
wrecking ball aiming straight
for the evil.
Law enforcement,
meanwhile, won’t pursue
stalking, harassment or
terroristic threat charges on
Nick due to the Morton family
taking them on hunting trips.
(for conspiracy theorists: yes,
the Mortons are Freemasons,
and those ruining Jennie’s life
are as well.)
Not only that, but clerks in
the District Clerk’s office have
been known to remove certain
records and filings from her
case file. Jennie said her and
friends -- who also report the
same thing -- have the original
pleadings and paperwork.
Morton’s links to the
corridors of “MoCo” power allow
him free reign over her life.
“He threatened to kill me
and anyone close to me,”
Jennie said in a recent in
interview in Ellis County.

none at all, but they took my
kids away. I was angry. I was
depressed, and now I’m not
depressed. It's time to get my children back!”
Judge Gilbert Wages War Against Mom Cont’d...
“Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness.” Ephesians 5:11
The Ellis County Observer
CONROE -- Verdicts and family-law
decisions involving child custody are routinely
“traded” in a ring of weekly poker
games involving Montgomery County
judges, law enforcement officers, lawyers
and wealthy businessmen, according to
four sources.
Jennie Morton
for a Mongtomery County office and
a participant in the weekly poker games
, Trish Shafer, a candidate
Judges, Lawyers, Cops ‘Trade Verdicts’ in Weekly Poker Games
came forward with their allegations
after a series of events and published
articles started a domino effect in the
county north of Houston.
Billed as “The Silver Bellies,”
the participants include family-law
judges, lawyers, cops, sheriff deputies,
Texas Rangers and FBI agents, as
well as some of the most prominent
people in Montgomery County, the
sources said.
“Children [in custody disputes]
are sold to the highest bidder,” said
Morton, whose story
version of which appears on the front
The participant who provided
corraborating information on The
Silver Bellies does not want to be
identified, but he alleged that the verdicts
before and after a party appears
before one of the family law judges
are in fact “traded.”
“I can tell you it goes on, as I’ve
played poker with these guys,” the
participant said. “By the time you
get to the courtroom, the decisions
have already been made.”
Montgomery County is embroiled
in a myriad of corruption
scandals, most of which occur in the
family-law and custody matters in
Kathleen Hamilton and Tracy Gilbert’s
courtrooms. Will the people
care to do something about it?
The Ellis Countyfirst published last fall (a
“Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness.” Ephesians 5:11
Things Are
Getting Nasty
Joseph “Joey” G. Dauben
The Ellis County Observer
I’m tired of being falsely accused.That’s
are so important: though I can’t talk
about my criminal cases in two counties
(Navarro, Ellis), I’ve been falsely accused
repeatedly, but it’s extremely evident that
the local and state governmental agencies
The Ellis County Observer newspapers
I’ve spent 12 years fighting and exposing
want to take me out.
They’re going to have to try harder.
Not that this is easy. By no means is
it easy trying to clear your name that was
indicted by two separate grand juries,
imprisoned in two separate jails, one being
for more than three months.
And during that three-months (Dec.
19-March 22), the most damaging statements,
articles and lies were spread not by
government agents or false accusers, but
by so-called friends. I’ve been down this
road before, though, and never learned my
Yes, I’ve turned on former editors. Why?
Because they hacked into
articles and content without my authorization.
They attempted to seize absolute
control without my permission. Ex-reporter
The Ellis County’s Web site, deleted, altered, edited
John Allen “Jay” Hoskins
in jail in 2009 for publishing a mug shot
of a cop on
had me thrownThe Ellis County Observer.
Megan Van Zelfden
articles I had written -- on her behalf.
Fussell Weatherly
beaten by her live-in boyfriend
status on my Collin County newspapers. I
did it because Long conjured up a “phishing”
scam to hack my readers’ passwords
and put viruses and porn on their computers.
I’m no tech guy and I have no
idea how “phishing” works, but this
was done through
description of the bizarre program is all
in writing. But, that was dangerous, and
I had to cut the cord.
deleted a battery ofLisa, who has been routinelyDavid, didn’t like me deleting her adminThe Ellis Countyarticles somehow. Lisa’s
Then, my red flags really went up
John Margetis teaming up with
Brandy L. Owen
and Barbara Farris
before and after I went to jail.
What they really did was wait for
an opportune time to strike when I
could not strike back. (See Page 5)
Through these newspapers, what has
been bottled up for three months is now
starting to blast to the surface.
I’m not allowed online. People who
want to post these papers on the Web,
please don’t. Makes things worse for me.
But, I can take my hand-written
articles from jail and publish them
through issues of
The Ellis County Observer
newspaper. You cannot silence
Freedom of the Press.
And, if you don’t want to be exposed,
don’t put the screws to me and
stab me in the back. It’s that simple.
So, Brandy can allege all day long
in phone calls about having “the dirt”
on me, but she neglects to tell people
the three years of
so bad”
married woman of six kids, while her
husband was cheating on her with a
stripper; can’t forget the lesbian tryst
with an ex-reporter. I just didn’t see
Brandy like that. We were friends, but
in the end, we are enemies. Owen and
this army of false accusers over the
past 12 years has made me realize that
you cannot trust anyone. It took several
examples for me to understand that.
I didn’t “turn” on anyone without
cause. These people I trusted ended up
stabbing me in the back.
“I’m in love withand “I want to give you oral sextext messages...while she’s a
The Ellis County Observer is printing
stories about a Florida-based “investigative
reporter” who offered to come
to Texas to help out several individuals
near Montgomery County, but never
came through. This story below is a
sample of others who were filled with
false hope.
The Ellis County Observer
Nobody blamed Barbara Farris for
ANYTHING other than the things
she didn’t do that she PROMISED she
She promised to sign documents
(and she did, but in a way that is not
presentable in court), she promised
to come to California NUMEROUS
times, nobody in CA has ever met
her, we blame her for her own actions
because THAT is all she is responsible
for. She led many people on into
believing her bullshit, THAT is what I
am blaming you for Barbara. I cannot
blame you for the judicial corruption,
but I can blame you for what you have
posted, said, promised, and alleged
and never backed up.
On March 10, 2009, dishonorable
Judge Thomas A. Smith granted full
custody of my then-5-year-old sister
Skye, to a documented pedophile. I
got a phone call from Skye’s mom saying
she was in contact with a woman,
Barbara Farris, out of Florida who
claimed had national media contacts
and seemed to have a team of “professionals”
that would help us build our
I got into contact with her and so
began the journey of heartache, lies,
and broken promises.
At the time Farris had a “company”
called Just Bee Aware. The program’s
goal was supposedly to educate not
only children but the general public
on signs of a predator and what to do
if they are being abused.
The Truth About Barbara Farris
According to her website (which
has since been taken down to my
knowledge), her “professional team”
was made up of security, cyber
security, criminal profilers and psychologists,
as well as public relations
I only saw one overplayed, brief
video of Farris on the Jane Valdez-
Mitchell Show where she was walking
up to registered sex offenders
homes and confronting them if
they had Halloween decorations up,
which is apparently breaking one of
their many restrictions.
After I started sharing my story
with Farris, Skye’s mom began planning
a protest at the California
capitol building in Sacramento titled
“A March for Judicial Reform.”
Once the planning stages began,
Farris, on both her “company” websites
and YouTube accounts, posted
“press releases” and informational
videos about the march.
She made promises to be in
California by February 1, 2011 and
she would be taking a stand at the
She claimed she would stay there
day and night until government
officials started not only hearing
our cases but also make a change to
protect our children!
Sounds like a marvelous woman
right? Wrong! She became “so sick”
she could no longer make it to California
by February.
So she moved her date to May 1,
2011 and she would “TAKE THE
CAPITOL” until our march on May
She promised to stand there day
and night until we began to see
May was approaching quickly, and
Continued on Page 5
“Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness.” Ephesians 5:11
Want to Know Why
is Down? Brandy L. Owen is Partly to Blame
This article was originally handwritten
(March 11, 2012) while
falsely imprisoned in the Navarro
County jail
The Ellis County Observer
partly responsible for Ellis- being
shut down.
For three months, my family
and I have waited patiently
for her to give back passwords
The Ellis County Observer
and my e-mail accounts that
she admitted in writing to
changing. Due to Brandy’s
failure at turning over the
passwords, my family and my
webmaster could not log in to
“renew” the hosting package
from that kept
The Ellis County Observer
archived articles online.
See, I fired Brandy L. Owen
and Curtis Butler from their
editor roles on Jan. 14 after I
was made aware of postings,
broadcasts and published
articles that were outright, vicious
lies about me after I was
imprisoned on Dec. 19 on fasle
child molestation charges.
[Note: I’ve since clarified
some of this with Curtis]
Brandy claimed the Ellis
County/District Attorney’s office
“seized the passwords and
changed them.”
This is a lie. Brandy wrote
to my family admitting she
changed them. A former family
friend, as well as a former
personal friend, I gave passwords
to Brandy so she could
’sThe Ellis County Observer
up and running in my absence.
Instead, she teamed up with
John Margetis (who wrote to
me in December seeking editor
control rights, which I denied
him because he has been,
and was, not trustworthy)
and posted publicly that she
had been threatened by a CPS
investigation if she continued
helping me. She should not be
faulted for trying to protect her
kids from the “Corporation
for Protecting Satan,” but she
butchered me with outright
lies and that is what led to
her firing. Curtis Butler has
always been an embellisher (he
claimed the U.S. Navy trained
him in the Superconducting
SuperCollider tunnels), but he
really took it to the extreme
when he palled around with
Margetis and Brandy to spread
the most outrageous lies about
me. (it was originally Butler
who warned me about the lies
and deception of Margetis)
Brandy had the nerve to
tell my mom that the Amber
Hagerman case updates on
The Ellis County Observer
Well, yeah, because Brandy
refused to comply with multiple
requests and demands
to turn the passwords back
over so I could have my family
renew the hosting package to
wereThe Ellis County Observer
online. Thankfully, the bulk of
the information about the case
was copied and pasted (I like
to “mirror” Web pages) on
Navarro County Observer
The Tarrant County Observer
sister sites of
thrown in jail.
forwarded to
page, which linked to every
article I wrote since the Feb. 8,
2011 child-porn ring bust that
led me to Amber’s killer.
I was e-mailed a news
tip on Facebook (Brandy
wouldn’t turn over access to
my Facebook profile either)
that would give the Dallas/
Fort Worth area Bill N. Fry
-- with almost a year’s worth
of investigation and publishing
of articles on The Ellis County
Observer that point conclusively
to Fry as the suspect
in Amber’s death. Ironically,
Brandy’s takeover and betrayal
came after a random reader
from New York stumbled upon
my Amber case articles...[it was
this connection that produced
a friendship that ultimately
resulted in this New York friend
wiring $5,000 to bail me out of
jail on March 22, 2012.] This New
York friend’s uncle is a Supreme
Court justice. Friends in high
places indeed.
It was also divinely ordered,
before Brandy’s mutiny, that
the Amber case updates led me
to Northern California; three
custody and abuse cases I started
investigating led me to my future
wife, who is moving to Ellis
County this month.
Again, all of the issues addressed
in this column are in
writing from Brandy L. Owen
herself, or, on audio recordings
at the NCSO jail. My family read
over the phone in several visitations
what Brandy was posting --
using screen names she admitted
in writing to creating and using.
,The Ellis CountyI launched before beingThe Ellis County’s Amber case updates
What has compounded the
problem of Brandy refusing to
turn over passwords and access
is the fact the State, or locally, the
Ellis County DA and Red Oak
Police Department, are attempting
to seize [publisher’s note: the
State seized the Web site April 20,
after the Jan. 19 indictment for
publishing photos of documents] In my
letter to the DA’s office, which is
now a matter of public record, I
told them about Brandy, Curtis
and John Margetis’ three-month
campaign to deny me and my
family access to
semblance of a defense against
the property forfeiture. So, the
official, public, court record now
mentions and details Brandy’s
“team effort” of betrayal.
Don’t spend the 30 pieces of
silver all in one place, Brandy.
The Ellis Countyin which to mount some
John Margetis
In countless letters and mailed
“public statements” to my family
to post publicly on Facebook, I
had serious reservations about
John Margetis. In fact, my suspi-
Continued on Page 6
soon we started hearing less and less from Barbara.
It was the day of march and Barbara Farris was no
where to be found.
She disappeared and weeks later she resurfaced
claiming a nearly fatal sickness that left her in the
hospital for days on end...
Later that summer, Barbara Farris resurfaced.
From there on out she made promises and statements
that seemed to grow even more outrageous
by the day!
She told me that was going to come to California
to work on cases she was “investigating.”
She promised she was in communication with
“MAJOR NATIONAL NEWS” organizations.
She was caught in lies on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS,
not only in regards to my sisters case, but a
similar case out of Placer County, Calif.
She allegedly had photos of my sister being
raped by not only our abusive father, but also Sgt.
Powers who has assigned to investigate our case, as
well as high government officials.
Recently, she hosted a radio show with her
co-host (and former editor of
future articles.)
The show was a blatant attack on not only
myself (Presley Crowe) but also Connie Bedwell
(of, Amy Charron (a protective
mom from Houston whose child was taken from
her by the corrup courts), and Joey Dauben. I will
go into further detail in all my postings on all the
cases listed above, except for Joey’s.
All are welcome to send their own horror stories
involving Barbara Farris, con-artist and pathological
If you have any additional information you feel
needs to be made public, post it and feel free to
contact me via email or Facebook if you want it
placed in the About section of “The Truth About
Barbara Farris” page.
Like I said, articles are in the works. I will be
posting info about her criminal background, etc. as
soon as possible!
-Presley Crowe
The Ellis County) Brandy L. Owen (who I will discuss in
The Truth About
Barbara Farris Cont’d...
Grandma: I Didn’t Trust Brandy
The 81-year-old grandmother of this paper’s publisher
said she has never trusted Brandy L. Owen.
“There was something about her the first day I met
her, but I only tolerated her because of [my grandson,”
said Margaret Hackler. “She called at midnight [when
Joey was arrested] wanting his computer and property.
I said you’ll have to talk to his mom. Then she said she
would ask his sister, and I said, no, his mom has that
authority. She didn’t like that at all.”
Owen, an ex-editor, told many people privately after
the publisher’s arrest last year that she was “taking
control” of
The Ellis County Observer.
“Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness.” Ephesians 5:11
cions were first raised when him and
his 81-year-old mother burst on the
Ellis County political scene in during
the April primary run-off race for
40th District Court in 2010. No one
had even heard of the Margetis’ until
that run-off when John and his mother
Mickey stood with their brightly
colored “Bob Carroll is a crook” signs.
Despite the early criticism of the
Midlothian bankruptcy family (they
have been in Dallas federal bankruptcy
court since 1996) by my readers and
the public, I wanted to know for myself
mroe about Margetis, so I spent more
than a year interviewing, protesting
with, and mentally documenting the
numerous questionable statements and
cases Margetis had against Carroll and
his various judicial enemies. Much, if
nto all, of what Margetis has claimed,
spoken and lied about on camera, on
air and in print has not come to pass.
When I was thrown in jail, Margetis
was the first to visit and he wanted control
followed the visit with a letter seeking
editor rights; he was denied because in
late November 2011, Waxahachie resident
Linda Lewis had some things to
say about Margetis not coming through
on all sorts of promises he made to
her. She exposed this on air. Margetis
was also on air. It was a confirmation
of dreams I had that Linda had also
experienced. Even before Margetis’
publicized con game was thrust on the
Ellis County political scene, I was told
in several conversations that unnamed
defense lawyers were going to put out
all the “dirt” on Bob Carroll that was
out there if he ran for the 40th District
Court. Margetis has repeatedly denied
being “hired” or paid by anyone to do
his public relations damage. I didn’t buy
that then, and I don’t buy that line now.
Then, in early January, Margetis
teamed up with flash-in-the-pan,
fly-by-night “investigative reporter”
Barbara Farris. Barbara told my parents
in January she was coming to Texas
with two main subjects in the Califor-
The Ellis County Observer. He
Want to Know Why is Down? Cont’d...
nia cases I had been investigating.
In one of several visits by Margetis,
I told him of these Texas trip plans,
and Margetis quickly replied, “
I know.
an online reputation for uncovering
sex crimes in high places; she had
the nerve to talk down about Alex
Jones and on one of
my radio programs [FOTPRadio.
com], but it was that
linked to Farris’ multi-part series
of sex crimes that drove 75 percent
traffic for two straight days. Farris
has since disappeared from online
(the Farris trip never materialized,
but in February, I would meet my
future wife, who did come to Texas
to visit twice without Farris.)
oh” [emphasis his] Farris hadThe Ellis County Observer’s
Jeff Baron Case
Margetis also teamed up with my
former Internet company business
partner. My two Internet companies
-- Texas International Property
Associates and Privacy Protection
Services -- were mere “front companies”
to shield Baron’s Ondova Limited
from lawsuits and to keep Baron’s
name out of headlines. Baron
was the computer programmer that
wrote the program to mass-register
dot-com names -- 700,000 of which
my two companies managed (in
two separate portfolios.) I had no
control over these dot-com names;
I merely managed two portfolios
and kept Baron from testifying in
court. I thoroughly enjoyed the
courtroom experience and having a
monthly check for basically getting
sued and suing companies (or, in
the 2009 Dallas County case, suing
the British royal government), but
Margetis spread the most outrageous
rumors, which his minions
Brandy and Curtis helped parrot. I
know Margetis was the originator of
the rumors because two days after a
rare January Friday night visit. My
mom came to visit and asked about
what she had heard from John
Margetis. My book (“
the Press
of these rumors; but many people
have written to me telling what
the latest accusation on the street
was. Brandy also wrote to me in
jail to “cool off” on going after
Margetis. This came after another
columnist posted an article I had
written titled “Time to Expose
John Margetis,” only to have it
deleted; that columnist was also
banned by Brandy without my
It should be noted that I have
sit in countless visitations with
family and friends restraining
a desire average people would
possess to “get even” with Brandy
Owen. Quite the opposite, I
have written and spoken of my
patience and mercy to give her
enough time to turn back over
my passwords, which as of this
column on Sunday, March 11,
still have not been turned back
over. Brandy posts under various
screen names (“Lori Lee,” “B”)
confused as to my “threats” of legal
action. For the record, I have
only sent her one more letter
notifying her of “network intrusion,”
which is the legal terminology
for “hacking.” She claims
not to understand all of these
“threats.” Well, for three months
now, I’ve been locked up and
unable to defend myself against
people I considered friends and
colleagues, who still have access
to my passwords to be able to do
what they want...these threats of
filing a police report are and have
been subdued because (as I have
written and spoken) I did not
want to risk Brandy going to jail
and her children being seized by
CPS. My theory is that Brandy
can’t give the passwords back
due to her giving them to either
Margetis, Farris or Collin County
resident Megan Van Zelfden, my
second lesson in not trustnig people
enough to give them editor access.
Freedom of”) will have the full list
Megan Van Zelfden
Megan Van Zelfden publishes
“The Ellis County Observer Sucks
Blog” and “Occupy Collin County.”
She openly threatened to hack
Ellis County Observer
inflicted much of her damage when
she deleted numerous articles on The
Ellis County Observer without my
authorization or permission. Brandy
posted most of her lie-filled material
on Megan’s blog. After my letter in
January about a three-day ultimatum
to hand back over my passwords,
I alluded to the bald-faced lies she
posted on Megan’s blog. Shortly after,
those lies were magically deleted.
Now days, Brandy’s
defense. She probably figures people
will forget what she, John Margetis,
Curtis Butler, Barbara Farris engaged
in for months as I was locked up with
no way to defend myself. The false
accusations that put me in jail were
overshadowed by the lies that my
former friends spread. Brandy posted
that I admitted to “everything.” She is
and was a liar, just like Margetis, just
like Curtis Butler. She should be a
real woman and admit she lied about
me. Her lies and association with
demons to engage in what she did
kept the Amber Hagerman case updates
from remaining online; it also
severely damaged my family’s efforts
to raise money through PayPal for
my legal defense and bail. The PayPal
button (a special thanks to those who
have contributed) was located on the
sidebar of
I’m thankful these efforts occurred
after I was able to meet my
future sould mate, though, without
the Amber case, my New York friend
and I would have not crossed paths,
and I would not have had money for
my freedom. “Brandy Van Hoskins”
contributed to, and had help from, an
effort to kick me while I was down.
The. She laterEllis Countyblog is back sounding myThe Ellis County Observer.
The Information I Have Been Sitting On for More Than a Year
For more than a year, T
County Observer
information provided by a source
that alleges some of the most
prominent political and business
people in Ellis County of trading
child pornography. The evidence,
my source has knowledge
of, was compiled by her exhusband,
a prominent lawyer
who also is an expert forensic
computer technician.
The lawyer, she said, withheld
material on several hard
drives of the most prominent
business people in
Waxahachie and elsewhere.
He has not released it publicly,
my source said.
This lawyer was also
no-billed last year in a child
molestation case. If proved to be
he Ellishas withheld
true, this would be the confirma
of eight years worth of telling
friends, family and co-workers
that I knew a massive child-porn
ring was in Ellis County, and that I
would be the one to expose it.
“Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness.” Ephesians 5:11
restricting her visitation. It started like
Text messages between Shafer
and her father-in-law were presented
before a jury that showed Shafer
discussing “kicking” her ex-husband.
After paying $4,000 to attorney
James “Jimmy” Jones to present the
full context of the text messages, he
did the opposite. In exhibits Shafer
was presented before 418th District
Court Judge Tracy Gilbert’s jury, the
text messages did not encompass
the entire conversation: that Shafer
kicked her ex-husband out of the
house, not a physical “kick.”
Blindsided, Shafer couldn’t
believe her attorney revealed only
select pages of text messages. She
does not dispute slapping her exhusband’s
hand, but kicking him out
“didn’t mean I wanted a divorce. It
didn’t mean I physically kicked him.”
Yet, it was that ruse that allowed
her ex-husband (he’s the one
that filed for divorce) to obtain a
protective order, which allowed
Shafer very limited access to her
Though her ex-husband agreed to
letting her have visitation three days
a week, his high-profile attorney,
Grady James, argued that that would
no longer be acceptable.
That’s despite Gilbert ordering
the three-day visitation schedule that
Shafer and her ex agreed to.
Shafer’s $4,000 lawyer was no
match for her ex-husband’s $31,000
payment to James in four months’
worth of work.
Even before the temporary
hearing, her ex had already pulled
the children out of their schools
despite standing orders prohibiting
such moves.
(it might be a good time to
mention that Grady James and his
family are big backers of Gilbert’s
This on top of her ex-brother-inlaw
having the cops called on him
while he attempted to break in her
home while the two kids were being
babysat to get the kids. (this was
prior to any custody arrangement)
Despite getting a hand-written
promise from him that he would
return the children after a Father’s
Day weekend, Shafer said she
was not allowed to see her kids
for more than 10 days, because
when she dropped them off
for his Father’s Day weekend,
it coincided with a protective
order that was issued.
“I didn’t know what hit me,”
Shafer said.
Uncle’s Death
In 2003, Shafer’s
uncle, James Mitchell, was
incarcerated in the Montgomery
County jail.
In an event that would later
be thrown out of court in the
form of a wrongful death and
excessive force suit, evidence
pointed strongly to deputies
killing Mitchell deliberately.
Much to her surprise in her
future custody trial, the lawyer
who successfully argued for the
dismissal of the Mitchell death
lawsuit, J.D. Lambright, was
sitting in the audience.
Judge Gilbert asked
Lambright what he was doing,
and the lawyer -- who is
running for county attorney in
the May 29 GOP primary --
replied, “I am commentating.”
Legal Troubles
After her family court torture
of having her children taken
from her, Shafer got caught up
in two separate DWI cases.
Though she admits the
cases are costing her dearly,
she takes responsibility for
them in the middle of her
turmoil in family court.
“That’s 100 percent my
doing,” she said. “And I’m
paying dearly for those.”
However, whether that
should affect her seeing her
children and being constantly
harassed, stalked and
contacted by anonymous
individuals who know the
intricate details of her cases
while no one else does, that
remains the question.
“The [district attorney]
won’t investigate, refuses
to investigate, constant
harassment,” she said.
Shafer points out that at
the time of her divorce or
custody hearings, she had
none of the DWI or current
legal issues that result in
her reporting to a probation
office often.
In what Shafer said
could be retaliation for filing
numerous complaints and
grievances in the past on
Gilbert, James and other
officers of the Montgomery
County judiciary, she was
told to report to the probation
office for a routine drug
test on a Saturday, despite
the fact the office is closed
during the weekends.
The DA sought to have
her bond for the DWIs
To get her in cuffs, one
of Gilbert’s clerks called her
one day asking her to come
to the courtroom so they
could “help” with one of her
Skeptical, Shafer said
she had to work and couldn’t
make it in that day. But the
clerk persisted.
When Shafer agreed
to come into Gilbert’s
courtroom, a woman led her
to the jury room where police
awaited her. They arrested
her on the spot.
Montgomery County
officials later set a $10,000
bond on her DWI arrest,
despite her already having
been bonded out on that
same charge.
Shafer believes the protective
order was used by her exhusband
in an underhanded
attempt to gain custody of her
During a recent court hearing,
officials asked her about an
e-mail she distributed that talked
about her untimely death, and her
stance against suicide.
“Don’t you think you’re a little
paranoid,” one lawyer asked her.
Shafer responded with a
summary of a fight she has waged
against the Montgomery County
officials who “killed my uncle in
the county jail.”
They reacted with stone-cold
silence, she said.
Still, Shafer refuses to give up
hope and, with nothing left to lose,
continues to fight for her children.
“I don’t care how bad it gets,
how tough it is, what they try to do
to me, I am going to fight for my
children every single day,” Shafer
said. “What more do I have to
lose? They’ve taken my children. I
can’t give up.”
Publisher’s Note: This is an
excerpt from a wide-ranging
interview with Shafer. If the
popularity of this newspaper in
Montgomery County warrants it, a
full-version of the Shafer interview
will be published.
Due to current legal restrictions
on the publisher, it is advised
that readers make copies and
distribute the paper free of charge
rather than post the contents
Trish Shafer Won’t Stop Fighting Cont’d From Page 1...
“Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness.” Ephesians 5:11
This is
Houston-area edition, but if the
popularity warrants the printing of
another issue, then I am confident readers
can help make it happen
charges $200 for 700 copies.)
The Ellis County Observer’s(my print shop
Due to restrictive Internet bans the
State of Texas has placed on me, I’m
unable to get online, check e-mail, etc.
So, I did this paper, as well as the two
issues before it, the “old fashioned” way:
notepads, pens, phone calls and one-onone
This eight-page “guerilla” issue is
designed to do two things: be easily
Xeroxed and distributed before the May
29 election, and ignite a populace in the
Houston area to the child-trading, childabusing
and judicial corruption taking
place in their own back yard.
Most of the population is focused on
the presidential race, but for the past 12
years in the news business, I’ve hammered
this point home: “How can you even think
to change Washington when the worst
abuses of governmental power are taking
place at the courthouse?”
I typically get a bunch of nods, but
hardly any action.
This newspaper is the beginning of
taking action
anonymous and use your own name, but
make copies of this paper and distribute
them to friends, families, cops, lawyers,
judges and neighbors. It will cause an
Controversy need not be a “bad thing.”
If it’s the truth, the byproduct is going to
be controversial. People will get angry and
do something about it (some will even
indict you for it, or imprison you, as they
have done to me recently), or they will
gripe and complain that I’m attacking
their favorite politician, or favorite pastor,
or favorite businessman, or whatever.
Frankly, I don’t care who I offend. If
you’re a public official allowing this
corruption to go on, you’re part of the
Don’t like it? Resign! Get lost! Stop
allowing the judicial raping of fathers,
mothers and children in motions and
. I don’t care if you’reexparte
hearings and in your weekly poker
games with cops, sheriff deputies, Texas
Rangers and feds.
Why the Houston Area?
For the past 12 years I’ve stuck to
exposing judicial corruption in the Dallas/
Fort Worth area.
And for the past eight years of my
investigative political journalism
career, I told friends, family, coworkers
and readers that I felt
strongly there was a childpornography
ring in Ellis County
(south of Dallas County) and that it
was my mission in life, my calling if
you will, to expose it and smash it
On Feb. 8, 2011, on my 30th
birthday, I received an e-mail tip on
Facebook of a child-porn ring in
Ennis, which is located up I-45. It
would be that child-porn ring that
produced clues leading me to
suspect in the Jan. 13, 1996
disappearance, rape and murder of
we get the “Amber Alerts” system
Fry’s victims and that ring were
leading me to various cases in Texas
and the country. Child-porn rings,
trafficking rackets and governmental
entities that are not only aware of
what’s taking place, but are actually
involved in it.
Montgomery County and the
surrounding area is a hotbed of just
that very thing.
Don’t believe me? Read the
Bill N., the newspaper-designatedAmber Hagerman, where
Franklin Cover-Up
former Nebraska state Sen.
(White House level, that’s how high
it goes) child-prostitution, childpornography
rings in Omaha.
Austin-based radio show host
, a book written byJohn. He exposes high-level
Alex Jones
government-sponsored trading of
children for sickening purposes.
Not much attention is focused
here at home, in the front and back
yards of Texas’ 254 counties. That’s
what I’m here for. I’m going after
every courthouse that engages in the
practice of openly giving children to
people, some who are child molesters
and some who are child molesters
also delves into the
and not even the biological father
the front page.
So, through the child-porn ring
that I broke last year, one of the cases
I stumbled across involved
Montgomery County. Her stepdad
drugged her in his dental office, as
well as other patients. When
Charron reported this, her daughter
was snatched from her and Gov.
! SeeStephanie Deathridge story onAmy, who isn’t too far from
Rick Perry
the state dental board.
Then, through Charron’s story, I
came across
Through Morton the Montgomery
County (“Mortgomery”) cases
started trickling out like a spigot.
Jennie was the pop-off valve to
scores of “MoCo” horror stories,
some of which are presented here
for the first time in print.
appointed her stepdad toJennie Morton.
Trish Shafer
of a MoCo horror story. Some of the
powers-that-be have it out for her.
Her uncle was savagely beaten in the
Montgomery County jail, and she’s
got the evidence that it was “an
inside job.” Shafer has since been at
the brunt of excessive police
harassment and the target of an
insane amount of legal troubles for
her custody battles and her efforts to
expose the sick evil in Montgomery
is another example
Pete Hartman
example. The Huntsville resident
beat the stuffing out of a man he
caught molesting his daughter.
Then, oddly, Hartman is the one
indicted. What’s strange is that his
wife had an affair with a guy who is
linked to the district attorney. The
guy she had an affair with was who
also molested his daughter. The DA
handles the grand jury. Hmm.
Hartman was indicted. Hmm.
Hartman faces a legal fight. Hmm.
THere are many risks for getting
involved, don’t let anyone try to
convince you otherwise.
But, without the courage of a
select few in each county, nothing
will ever change.
This paper is just the start.
Hopefully it jump-starts a revolution
in Montgomery County and
Just because some judges and
lawyers call it “custody orders”
doesn’t mean that
My goodness, the kids are being
traded right in the 418th District
is anotherisn’t trafficking.(or really, on the poker table)
My guess is that when the people
see how much money the individual
lawyers are making in courtappointments
in the 418th and the
other courts, eyes will open and a
chain-reaction of (hopefully) actionoriented
people will launch.
You know, Judge Gilbert has a lot
of nerve. Fathering a child 18 years
ago, owes back child support, gets a
judicial “brother” to wipe his
responsibility to pay the lovechild’s
mother, and then has the nerve to sit
in on others’ custody cases and
direct them how to run their lives or
treat their children.
We typically call those kinds of guys
deadbeat dads. Gilbert is a deadbeat
What, exactly, is the difference
between Gilbert and that judge from
South Texas who savagely beat his
daughter in the infamous YouTube
video? Not much.
The Houston area has been waiting
for a newspaper like this, a publication
not afraid to ignite a wildfire of political
For too long, public officials have
escaped accountability, and worse,
media scrutiny.
Not for long. This will be fun :)
Barbara Spare-Us
All of these cases aren’t without
obstacles. From indictments to
imprisonments (I was arrested in 2009
for publishing a mug shot of a cop on
The Ellis County Observer
million bond; the State of Texas seized in January
and shut it down, then banned me from
the Internet) to assaults and to
undermining by former writers and
editors, there are many obstacles in
exposing these pedophiles, crooked
judges and evil cops.
; had a $1.5
Barbara Farris
investigative reporter who claimed to
have gone to Houston to help Charron,
Hartman and others. She lied. Never
came to Texas. Ever. Gave false hope to
many mothers and fathers that she
would assist them and then stabbed
them in the back. Wouldn’t sign court
documents (and still won’t) when she
said she would and then had the gall to
accuse several of
for their loved ones’ abuse. Outrageous.
Be on the lookout for this Farris scamartist
(see Page 5 for more on her.)
The Next Issue
The popularity of this pre-election
issue should skyrocket. Why? Because
the truth sells. There’s a market for the
truth. And
is a so-calledThe Ellis County’s sources of being responsibleThe Ellis County Observer
wants to do for the state and the
individual counties what Alex Jones
does on a global scale.
With 50 newspapers and other
media properties under my belt,
nothing is going to intimidate and scare
me into taking on these crooked, evil,
demonic good ‘ol boys.
The Houston area may be humid, but
it’s time for some fresh air, and for too
long, the corruption has been
suffocating people. It’s time to stop it,
and the way to do that is to expose it.
Through this paper.

“I was the only one in this entire
case with no criminal record,

Are MoCo Lawyers Making 6-Figure Salaries?

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